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Friday’s here again, and we’re still here again! All good news. David Waldman lines up the news, good and bad, to set us up for the weekend:

An armed society is a polite society, but when a guy cuts you off, and you give them the finger, and they give the finger back to you, well, you don’t have much choice but to shoot them.

The state department spent $30,000 on Nikki Haley’s apartment curtains, which sounds steep, but that extra $22,801 to motorize them makes a lot of sense, because that’s just cool.

Armando spent about an hour with David figuring stuff out: 

We won some, we lost some in New York, and in the end winning is better.

Ken Starr senses that now would be a good time to hawk a book. David and Armando lament the lack of news in TV news, which just doesn’t have that in-depth touch of print media.

Brett Kavanaugh might have forced himself on a woman, and is certainly a bad choice for the Supreme Court, but The Intercept is just wondering, what about Diane Feinstein?

Paul Manafort strikes a deal with the Mueller team, and pleads guilty to two felony charges. Trump and Manafort lawyers have a joint defense agreement, as they all know collusion to be beneficial sometimes.

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