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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 15, 2017

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Kagro in the Morning is a real radio show, you know, so you can listen to David Waldman and KITM live on WRFZ, Rochester Free Radio on your device dial, although it might mean missing the Francis Sawyer “You Homos” speech from Stripes each day on the usual stream.

You think David dived deep into Spy Mike Flynn’s nuclear “Marshal Plan” scheme yesterday? That was kiddie pool stuff compared to today. The grand scheme was to build nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world… and South Korea… and Virginia and Tennessee.

Does Donald Trump lack a rapport with Republicans that draws him to small talk, and dealing with Chuck and Nancy? Or is he a sociopathic animal only interested in immediate satiation? Trump humiliated Jeff Sessions after Mueller appointment, which should surprise no one.

Ivanka Trump, also a sociopath, knows it is unrealistic to expect her to influence Daddy. In fact it is unrealistic to expect her to perform Senior Advisor duties.

Steve Mnuchin only asked to borrow a military plane, but would have gladly chartered one, just like his holiday rental of Fort Knox.

Former Montana Republican House Majority Leader Michael David Lange is now a former meth trafficker.