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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 17, 2015

David Waldman counts the days until the Autrumpnal Equinox, while everyone else recovers from the debate from Hell.

Greg Dworkin notices that Jack Tapper injected vaccines into the debate with some unexpected side effects.

Fiorina wins! Trump does not win! Maybe because other debaters are not eighth-grade girls. Debates keep Jeb!on his toes. Jeb! is his own man, but remembers those that helped get him here. You do know they are related, don’t you?

Eventually candidates will talk to all Americans. Polling not going so well for Kim Davis.

Ahmed Mohamed, who probably would not be in trouble if his name was Amelia Bedelia, becomes a teachable moment, and an example to be shared. Ahmed came out on top, and wiser to boot.

Professor on Professor crime wave probably started with #gunfail.

David finishes out the show with a look at charter schools. What does it take to make a school - other than a pile of money and the free market?

When the ability to close charter schools is a sold as a feature, what happens to the students when the feature works?