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Boom. Everyone’s ears will be ringing for at least a week after the Kavanaugh bombshell. Today, KITM is all Kavanaugh, as David Waldman charts the beginning of the repercussions.

Greg Dworkin rounded up a few dumpster fires that weren’t Kavanaugh related, along with some actual good news (for Democrats).

Remember Paul Manafort from last week? Manafort remains an existential threat to Trump.

Democratic confidence is going up, as it should. The Russia investigation is helping the midterms, because the midterms will help the Russia investigation.

Sure, thousands of people left without electricity, sanitation, or medical care after Maria died, but FEMA’s Brock Long counted only a few directly wind-related deaths.

Then there was the Brett Bad Boy Kavanaugh news. Christine Blasey Ford is on the record, already foiling Republican Plan A, and leaving Susan Collins greatly troubled. 65 women who were easy to find last week to defend Kavanaugh are harder to find this week. However, you can talk to the more than 200 women supporting Dr. Blasey Ford, and one of them just might be Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump witnesses another fine man in his general vicinity ruined. Don McGahn probably knows just what Kavanaugh went through. Justice Anthony Kennedy probably did also.

Unfortunately, Brett has smeared and attacked women before, and lied to Senators on several topics, somewhat complicating the Gop plan to throw everything into a fan and perform an Inverse Garland to escape.

The conclusion is of course: Dems in disarray! Times have changed since the Thomas hearings. On the other hand, they haven’t changed at all.

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