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David Waldman presents a brand-new, Thursday KITM. News, entertainment, with just a little added touch of sedition:

Gregory Glauber Dworkin has the latest polls, which look like previous polls, but moreso. For Donald Trump, the same point gap becomes a bigger hurdle with each passing day.

Whites might crack, but at least their vote is more elastic. Nobody’s falling for the “Tough on Crime” message being delivered by criminals. Does Joe Biden have a Latino problem or a Latino Q problem?

The more it looks like Donald Trump might be leaving, the more it looks like he might be staying. The election will be contested. Is the FEC, 50 state election security offices, the DHS Election Security division, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the FBI Foreign Influence Task Force and Dan Coats enough? Probably not. David looks into the procedures in place that will be thrown out the White House window with the couches and drapes on November 4.

No one will help Ron Johnson deliver his phoney baloney October Surprise. Mitt Romney did for a while, but after recently putting his morally upright finger in the air, he determined the breeze had shifted. Bill Barr has been working to take up the slack, and hates it when the hired help aren’t fascistic patriots like him. Barr understands the pain that Arby’s managers and slaves have felt.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows says CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield couldn’t know about a vaccine, because it’s a surprise. Donald Trump has contacted the military to distribute it with M-16s and hypodermic darts.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by a former model. Yep, another one.

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