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David Waldman returns, atoned, rested and ready for one more KITM before the weekend.

One way to prepare for this weekend, is not to head to the Capitol for this weekend’s rally. Not many go to these things anymore, anyhow. Insurrectionists prefer more of a sense of “ambush” to their riots, and they’re just not feeling it in this one. For example, Donald Trump was really stoked only yesterday, but when he heard there would be no MAGA hats, he felt a little chill go through his Depends. 

If you did have plans to go, and are an unvaccinated idiot, instead check out your local ICU, as they are getting pretty busy! Laura Loomer now has Covid, as she should. America’s most celebrated idiot, Sarah Palin, painted a huge Covid target (surveyor mark) on herself, but for some reason Covid, and Karma, just keep missing her.

Pennsylvania’s fraudit got off to a wild, awkward, ridiculous start, as would be completely expected. Who wouldn’t give a third party their name, birth date, address, drivers license number, last four digits of their Social Security number and how they cast their vote? The FBI is looking into the woman that turned off security cameras to do a little late-night “backing up” of information. Donald Trump figures that if these people ran elections, it could fix things.

Donald better hurry. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick revealed that Democrats plan to take over the US using voting machines, and also by breeding like rabbits. Dems are already 7 million ahead, but Elise Stefanik warns that they’re always looking for more. 

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