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Sometimes, having an eye for the little things means a lot.

For instance, the Brett Kavanaugh story has become a sweeping historical epic, a parable of our times, history in the making! While the rest of the media paints in broad strokes, come to KITM, and bring your loupe, because David Waldman will be examining the subtleties in the details entwined amongst the nuances others hurry past:

It is a long time until next Monday, and many minds, some brilliant, some stupid are working out strategies. Strategists should not plan on women being fooled however, because all women have run into at least one Brett Kavanaugh, and they know one when they see one.

Lying might not get Republicans through election day, so for once they might be forced to open the manual. David hauls out Jefferson’s manual, but you’ll have to keep in mind the distinctions between the original text and the commentary on the text if David isn’t there to read them in different funny voices. You will want to read it if you are looking for precedent on impeachment.

Robert Mueller needs to read Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski’s secret Road Map to reporting unlawful and impeachable conduct to congress.

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