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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 2, 2015

Good thing people do dumb things or we wouldn’t have a show - doing smart things helps too.

David Waldman inspects a core sample of the stupidity:

Ohio wants Mt. McKinley back, when they have quite lovely scenery already.  Sophisticated analysis still coming in from the right.

Greg Dworkin attempts to make sense of the nonsensical:

CNN turns it up to 11, but why?

Cruz even more of a headache for McConnell, who refuses to be pushed around.

The Gefilte-gate.  The Biden delusion.

Marco Rubio loves the US even more than Trump!

Donald Trump supporters love that Muslim Obama’s ideas only if you call them Trump’s.

Immigration lawyer points out that GOP immigration ideas are dumb in many ways.

Jeb! thinks Trump is a weak loser.

Chris Christie idea based on Newt Gingrich joke.

Judge makes Kentucky clerk decide to follow in the footsteps of others that oppose the courts, like Muhammed Ali, Jesus.

Joan McCarter stops by to help laugh at dumb people:

Rand Paul defends American-Kentuckian clerk, thinks church law should prevail.

David and Joan expose nefarious organized crime syndicate kingpin James O’Keefe.

The group behind the Planned Parenthood videos tied to extremists.  The Justice Department defends Planned Parenthood from Bobby Jindal.

GOP and corporations screw poor, yep.

Obama makes it to 34 votes on the Iran Deal.