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Hurricane Ida has hit the New York area. Tornadoes headed through Maryland and down the NJ turnpike into Manhattan and the Bronx last night.

Rudy Giuliani’s Hope Hicks, Christianné Allen, isn’t doing it anymore, at least for Rudy. A Hooter’s representative is doing it now, probably with less enthusiasm for all involved.

Nurses and doctors on the front lines of fighting Covid will tell you vaccines are their most important tool. The largest study of masks yet show even surgical masks can make a difference. Actually, there are scads of tests, oodles of studies, and heaps of evidence supporting mask use. Of course, none of this will make one whit of difference to a moron. Joe Rogan got Covid and took all the cures with the exception of those Democratic vaccines. If Rogan doesn’t survive, perhaps he missed out on a new fix… maybe...

Snakes. You knew it’d have to be snakes sometime with this crowd. Liberty University has more COVID-19 cases than 4 larger Virginia campuses combined, so there might not be enough pit vipers to go around. If it means getting into a ball game, people will do whatever.

COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters, but if leadership mattered in Texas or Florida, those places would be unrecognizable. California has spotted the recall con. Robert E. Lee goes down to defeat in Virginia.

Texas showed Republican political stunts are now to be taken seriously and literally, and the Supreme Court rules us all, for as long as we let them.

Hey, remember Afghanistan? Once people started to see that Joe Biden really was doing a good job there, the media lost interest. Republicans late to slap together their publicity antics sadly, quietly return to the US.

Remember Donald Trump? So does the Trump Organization's corporate director of security Matthew Calamari Jr., and he might be talking.

Soon you won’t be able to hire the National Guard to be your mercenary squad.

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