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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 22, 2015

David Waldman explores the gray areas between truth and complexity, meaning and interpretation, English and Aramaic, lumpers and splitters, philanthropists and psychopaths, The Boy Scouts and getting to High Holiday services:

Greg Dworkin is as shocked as you are that Scott Walker is out of the race - if you too expected that Scott Walker’s many shortcomings would quickly do him in.

Rubio’s numbers are up, mostly because the rest are so awful. Hillary Clinton still doing pretty good.

With Perry and Walker out, there are less insiders left in. Not that it makes it any easier for the outsiders.  

Fiorina climbs polls, but was still a terrible CEO.

Jack Shafer says Trump isn't a media creation, then explains how he is.

And - Ben Carson is still an incredible bigot but is OK with 80% base support.

Despite 4 Pinnochios, Taquiyya falsehoods gain traction. Denying one’s religion to persecutors has been seen as a good strategy in the past.

This leads David into continuing a discussion on how interpreting scripture, whether from the Torah, Bible, or Quran depends on the perspective, and honesty, of the interpreter, including a contrasting of the tenets of Taquiyya and Kol Nidre.

David also attempts to show mercy to this jerk, who is raising a pill’s price by 5,500%. He isn't alone.