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Summer ends, and not a minute too soon. Here’s hoping our fall turns out to be less “2020” than the rest of the year.

David Waldman and Joan McCarter are here to catch us:

Donald Trump and William Barr want to gentrify anarchist Jurisdictions in Portland, NYC and Seattle into something a bit more autocratic. Barr redacted away Trump’s impeachment conviction. Mueller’s team could have done more, but that would have just made Trump mad.

A PR official at the National Institutes of Health was secretly a member of the deep RedState.

The mad doctor collecting uteri at an ICE facility in Georgia should be the one in a cage, but instead is accepting new patients.

Covid-19 relief might happen, someday. But now Republicans have a real priority, though it’s not America, which can shut down next week. Donald Trump wants his RBG now.

Senator Lisa Murkowski believes fair to be fair, and for Republicans that’s heresy. Susan Collins is troubled and concerned, and testy that just isn’t enough anymore. Lindsey Graham was so furious after winning the previous SCOTUS installment, He decided that he would destroy his reputation and career to win one again. Finally, Mitt Romney thrust his conscientious, upright finger back into the breeze and detected a whole new precedent. So now Republicans now know their vote days before they know who they are voting on. The only one steadfast to principles would be Amy Coney Barrett, although interested in being a Supreme Court Justice, law really isn’t her thing. That’s more for the head of her household to worry about.

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