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David Waldman might not have COVID-19. He probably doesn’t, but we will all breathe easier when when the test results are in. David did make it through the whole two hours, with a big assist from Greg Dworkin. 

Thousands are dying each day from Covid, and it’s still the well-ventilated summertime.  Laura Ingraham points out that fewer than 600 sets of parents have watched their children die so far. She and Tucker Carlson should be the GoFundMe parents should turn to.

It turns out that monopolies have disadvantages handling crises such as pandemics.

The Biden economic agenda is poised to transform caregiving in America. Things are looking a bit bleak in Washington right now, but they did for Obamacare for a while too. Some of the moderate, centrist, Democrats standing in the way are actually conservative, perhaps a little Republican. Maybe they can run that way after they lose their present jobs

Democrats consider which minute rules they might have missed which may get them through obstacles. Republicans usually consider which rules they should ignore. Cyber Ninjas should have taught us that it is past time to protect democracy. Eliminating the filibuster will help prevent future election stealing. In Oregon, Republicans are furious that they can’t shut down redistricting. Trump knew his voting machine claims were lies. We all did.

Donald Trump pretends to be president, and is thinking about a pretend Airforce One. 

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