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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 25, 2019

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David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter have a lot to cover on today’s KITM. 90’s clothing and t-shirt politics, the Philadelphia Eagles and fire-fighting heroes, medieval vs. Renaissance expertise snark… Oh, and some MFer’s getting an impeachment inquiry! Im-🍑y

Well, Nancy Pelosi did have something up her sleeve! Or, maybe good timing. Or, this was the last straw. However it got here, the impeachment inquiry is finally here. That’s it, Donald Trump’s base is all riled up and will never vote Democrat after this!

Joan and David discuss why Moscow Mitch agreed to pursue the Ukraine whistleblower complaint. David and Greg discuss the Senate obligation to try an impeachment case. How can Republicans spin, hide from or exploit this?

And then during the show, the Ukrainetranscriptwas released. If it seems horrifically incriminating, just wait until you hear what Rudy Giuliani says about it, or whoever next is thrown under the bus tonight. Of course, the Ukraine shares the same fear as Trump… Vladimir Putin.

Trump proves he is capable of losing in many fronts simultaneously as he his lawyers try to argue that Donald’s too big to investigate. By this point he is probably wondering why Elizabeth Warren doesn’t just step up and let him go home.