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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 26, 2016

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Should David Waldman watch it? Everybody’s going to talking about it tomorrow anyhow, but it does seem pretty important. Maybe he’ll watch it.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls, the really tight polls, the very tight polls. Are voters voting “for” anyone this year? Oh come on, half of US voters are waiting for tonight to make up their minds about these candidates? Donald Trump may have more to gain from this debate, depending on his performance, of course. Donald Trump either lied to Republicans or broke the law. Trump’s business ties could upend US national security. And there are those ties between Trump and Russia, plus a few more things. So, how is Hillary Clinton underperforming in her strongest segment? 10% of mail-in ballots are in from North Carolina, and here’s a look.

Key NJ Legislators, and David, look into a Chris Christie Impeachment. And one for Trump, just for good measure.

Might come up in the debate: Mass shooting in Texas. Probably won’t come up in the debate: Smoking weed while Canadian can get you banned from the US for life.

Two people are injured outside a gun show in Sandy, Utah. No surprise to the guy shot outside the gun show in Sandy, Utah in April.