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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 27, 2016

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David Waldman couldn’t stand the suspense of waiting for the world to tweet the debate out to him, and had to watch it himself. Good for him, It went so well it might be the only one they do this year. Donald Trump returns to defying conventions of civility and political common sense today, while attempting to erase the past, and expose the rigging, as the rest of us climb out of the rubble.

Greg Dworkin notes the changing tide of “common wisdom” as opinions change, and hopefully future polls change as well. Greg and David determine what can be learned from last night, and how it can be applied to getting this election won.

The next debate is October 9! (Actually the VP debate is October 4, won’t that be something?) What Donald Trump scandals can we look forward to between now and then? There’s the $2.3 million  owed to Trump that he directed to his foundation, and the $258,000 from he used from his charity to settle legal problems, and the 6 figure telecom job for which Donald Trump stiffed a National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson.

Don’t forget, Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican numbskull out there. Joan McCarter will have a binder full of them tomorrow. In the meantime consider Paul LePage’s binder

Until tomorrow, enjoy the soothing sounds of Donald Trump.