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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 27, 2018

When you get a chance to listen to today’s KITM, and it probably won’t be in the middle of today, but when you do, you’ll find the usual insight and context from David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin there to help you better understand the day’s events. To wit:

Today is the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Quick, turn it on if you forgot.

Our Clown in Chief tried so hard to make this all about him, but even going full dotard wasn’t enough to grab the limelight. There are Kavanaugh campaign commercials out there, but you can’t really vote for Brett Kavanaugh and if you could, you wouldn’t. For the first time in 60-70 or more years Republican Senators have found a disadvantage in being white males.

Today is the beginning of a teaching and learning moment for millions of Americans. People have the chance to confront the issues of adolescent sexual violence, class privilege, white privilege, male privilege… or not. Maybe they’ll just go into a death embrace, and sink with their ignorance. Some go down as “rape apologists” rather than be known as Lib enablers. But, many will wrestle with their own truths — together. Many that know, or think they know Deborah Ramirez learned about themselves. Kavanaugh accuser #3, Julie Swetnick, was first to testify, and she knows what she’s talking about.

A former Virginia governor’s grandson accused of raping a fellow University of Virginia student has avoided prison time, partially due to an Alford plea, but mostly because he’s a rich, connected white boy. Strip clubs, golf courses, fraternities, locker rooms, the Republican party are all safe spaces for men to abuse women and minorities and to find love, while shouting “No homo!”

Trump scored millions in 2016, and then the deep state stole it all.