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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 27, 2019

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How serious is the impeachment situation? So serious that Greg Dworkin was back again for yet another special edition of KITM. On a Friday!

We kicked things off with a quick tour of the newspaper headlines, and then moved quickly into the latest polling and analysis, which now includes both post-whistleblower and post-Pelosi shift data.

As you might imagine, Ukraine-mania is driving the Fox News types over the edge. Trump himself, who already went over ages ago, found a new cliff to dive off.

So, are we narrowing the focus and speeding things up, or could we be keeping the door open to further inquiry, after all? “We’ll see what happens.” Gop operatives, taking Trump’s lead, start trying to spin the whistleblower as a spy. What else can they do, after Chris Christie—who’s toast—says Trump’s only in trouble if he asked for a favor and sought dirt on Joe Biden? Well, they could accept all the blame for enabling Trump all along, but that seems unlikely.

Hillary Clinton’s in good company, with Jimmy Carter.

Adam Schiff says burying incriminating evidence on double-secret servers isn’t the White House’s only trick.

Team Trump tried to smear the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine as part of their plot, but it seems there are more ambassadors out there who’ll be tainted in this mess.

Could this news be the end of the “we can’t legislate on guns because impeachment” talking point?