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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 28, 2016

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David Waldman welcomes you to Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Not Squandering Money on Your Infrastructure. For the next debate Donald will have less champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but more thinking. Whose shoulder will Roger Ailes cry on, then?

Greg Dworkin feels good polling heading our way, just relax and let the number counters count them up. Here’s some numbers to tide you over: It took The Arizona Republic 125 years to find a Democrat to endorse. The debate had over 80 million viewers. It took 15 minutes to pick a winner. 8 in 10 agree Donald’s the loser. The 5 takeaways.

So, Donald trickled down, is Hillary shimmying up? She is looking good, and she definitely needs to wake up some sleepy voters.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie, who is toast, is becoming a star, and so is Pepe.

Joan McCarter lets us know that just because Donald Trump is stealing all of the limelight doesn’t mean those knuckleheads in DC aren’t up to something. Actually, they’re not up to much. The government has three more days of funding, counting today, so will Paul Ryan hero up, by doing a little for Flint, MI? David and Joan talk veto override.