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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 28, 2021

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David Waldman showed up on time today, and completed all assignments, pretty much clinching our coveted KITM Employee of the Month plaque once again,124 months running!

Nancy Pelosi is known to be an expert in counting votes, and she must not like what she’s counting right now. So now, as the bipartisan infrastructure bill drifts away from the social funding plan, how do Democrats expect to build anything back better? Well, they could give up on leveraging Manchin and Sinema, and can certainly forget expecting Republicans to bridge the difference. How would nuking, or suspending the debt ceiling go over with the Senate parliamentarian?

Marjorie Traitor Greene just wishes she could monkey wrench government like Kyrsten Sinema. Marj can’t even beat the House prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Kristi Noem pulled strings and berated state employees to get her daughter a job, and is now offended that people would drag her kids into charges of “nepotism”.

Speaking of, Liz Cheney tries out her old man’s trick of taking down all sides before recommending herself for the prime position. Her pal Harriet Hageman used to believe Donald Trump was racist and xenophobic, but now realizes that Donald is the greatest president of her lifetime, etc.

Facebook is rotten and awful. Let David continue to count the ways.