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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 29, 2016

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Go ahead, sit here and listen to David Waldman further badmouth Donald Trump, in an indictment of our entire American society:

Greg Dworkin disputes that millenials are young, dumb and just won’t come to the polls, advocating patience as we approach the finish line. Several more scientific, accredited polls declare Hillary Clinton the winner of the first presidential debate. You know who lost? The guy that’s acting like a huge loser. Sez who?

It really is hard to escape Godwin’s Law lately, huh? Hitler maybe did, but Donald definitely has a “No Fat Chicks” rule. Managers at Trump properties had to hide and reschedule women that Donald was not attracted to. But, what thanks did he get? Trump was named ‘Grand Benefactor’ for a gala without donating a penny. Donald also gets a $1.5 million ring, free. You all can wait for the trickle.

Cleveland police union's looming Trump, Clinton endorsement vote causes fear among black officers.

Please welcome KITM’s newest correspondent, Paula Writer! Paula reports on NPR’s real-time fact-checking of the Presidential Debate, which drew millions of readers.

Armando calls in to talk about how Donald Trump’s company violated the US embargo against Cuba, which clashes with his South Florida schtick. His and David’s attention was diverted to a for-real train wreck in Hoboken, NJ reported this morning. So far terrorism isn’t suspected. (Except by Curt Schilling.) The school shooting at Townville Elementary in South Carolina isn't being called terrorism and some are pretty sure they know why.