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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 3, 2013

Summer's over, and with it, summer hours. Greg Dworkin rounded up the local news from the Newtown, CT Labor Day parade, national news of the cramped Congressional calendar, and the international news on Syria. Amazingly, even in the midst of the Syrian situation, Richard Cohen has somehow become the Twitter talk of the morning, for... well, it was too annoying to really talk about. One note from the GunFAIL world: the amazing "non-story" of an accidental shooting that ended in a minor wound for a Lodi, CA police officer, but which represents a chain of such picayune and yet unbelievable FAIL that it can't go without mention. Armando joined in for an extended discussion of the many aspects of the Syria story that'll no doubt occupy us for the balance of the week. We took a short break from that topic for a brief visit with NYC City Council candidate and longtime netroots friend Debra Cooper, updating us on the state of the race, and with some surprising background on another Dem candidate's previous support for Rudy Giuliani -- in his brief bid for the Senate against Hillary Clinton, no less!