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Kagro in the Morning - September 3, 2014

Today we learned the answer to the question impliedly asked last week: How long before one of the newly armed teachers accidentally Second Amendments himself or someone else in class? Greg Dworkin brought us two articles opening the door for a Very Serious People-endorsed "proceed with caution" approach to ISIS. Joan McCarter gives us her take on the lag in evolution of strategic thinking about non-state threats to our national security, and alerts us to a coming debate on a proposed constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Speaking of which, Tom "Dr. No." Coburn's up for a constitutional convention, because he's "grown disenchanted with gridlock in Washington." Per capita Medicare spending is falling. Daily Kos organizes for secretary of state races, and our community contributed about 25% of public comments to the FCC on net neutrality! Closing a tax loophole on health care CEOs nets $72 million. And, Popular Science explains the "fake cell towers" that can hack your phone without you knowing it.

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