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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 3, 2015

David Waldman strolls in, thinking there’s nothing interesting to talk about today, and is proven wrong, over and over again:


Donald Trump understands Republicans all too well, though some wish he’d be more elliptical. Reince Priebus negotiates peace in our time in Trump’s battle with GOP.  Donald Trump has now gotten Mitt Romney’s attention, who knows that only he may be able to stop him.  Jeb! really hopes all this will end up good news for him.  Or, is September Ben Carson's month?


Greg Dworkin gives heartfelt thanks to Tom Cotton and Benjamin Netanyahu for securing Obama’s Victory on the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Greg previews the Senate's next Iran battle.


Donald Grump spoofed by Sesame Street.   David finds the dumbest guy on earth and the article most likely to be mistaken for satire.


Employee violates "no shooting guns in the office" policy.


KY Clerk has been planning on not doing her job for a while. Here is what the courts could do. Kim Davis goes to jail.

David returns to discussing Teflon and C8, the surfactant that all of us have in us forever, so what will we do now?