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I managed to put together an all-new, pre-recorded show for today, but I’m not exactly at the top of my game now that it’s time for a show summary. But let’s wing it, anyhow.

First, a delivery on the hint from Monday (I believe) that there was some weird story floating around out there about a high school football game featured on ESPN over the past weekend. Er, well, here is that weird story.

You know what other story is weird? Lauren Boebert’s story. But there’s a new chapter. And while it definitely ain't right, it’s actually the least weird chapter she’s got.

In other news that slipped through the cracks, Trump lost a huge court case, again. Only this time, it’ll cost him—at long last—at least some of his tax records.

In Jan. 6th news, it sounds like the investigative committee thinks that just maybe, some of their House colleagues may have left a paper trail that’s worth having a look at. Or more specifically, a paper trail about their electronic trail. But, wait! Shouldn’t we wait five minutes for Kevin McCarthy to make the situation worse? Ah, nevermind. He’s just done it. Well, surely that’s the last of… oh, wait! We forgot about Andy Biggs!

Oh, and we also forgot about the terrible lawyers who have attached themselves to the case. Some (f not all) of them were hoping we’d do that.

In pandemic news, not all of the loony birds fighting mask mandates are Foghorn Leghorn types. The problem is, they’re everywhere. And worse, Bannon the Hutt (TW: Bannon’s face) is jumping out in front of their parade.

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