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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 4, 2013

Greg Dworkin starts us off with the morning roundup. Everyone had their eyes on Syria today, both from the substantive side, as well as the sideshow atmosphere among the American punditry. Just for good measure, he throws a little NYC elections news into the mix, plus the kefuffle of the day: President Obama pictured with a foot on his desk in the Oval Office. Syria elbowed its way back into focus, however, with Armando joining in to parse the questions about who trusts whom on which of the many questions surrounding the issue. Joan McCarter jumps into the mix, adding her observations on the refugee crisis, pointing us to William Polk's widely-circulated and eye-opening primer on Syria, which she noted Meteor Blades had secured permission to reprint in full on our virtual "pages." Moving on to the rest of the world, as viewed through the Daily Kos lens, Joan previewed her story of continuing Republican efforts to sabotage the rollout of the ACA. We closed things out with a look at procedural issues surrounding the authorization for military intervention in Syria, and Brian Beutler's Salon article on how Ted Cruz is breaking politics.