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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 4, 2015

David Waldman presents Kagro in the Morning, live today - back Live on Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.


Greg Dworkin rounds up the headlines:


Donald Trump - Winning!  Donald Trump is winning again!!  Donald Trump outsmarts the GOP!!! Republicans love Donald Trump!!!!  Some in GOP aren’t sure who you are talking about...


Greg and David discuss the Syrian refugee crisis:  Hungary closes its gates - Iceland opens its arms.  Coverage varies around the world. (Graphic images)


Pictures of Alaska visited by the President show climate change damage.


Republicans want Black Lives Matter to shut up.


Armando calls in to tell us Greg is wrong. (He’s still determining why.)


Armando and David discuss the legal viewpoints behind the Kim Davis case.


Was Trump ambushed by the Quds and Kurds?


Why should Hillary Clinton take the 5th?


The long record of gun control destruction in Virginia.

David returns to Dupont, C8, poison laced cigarettes and riverbeds, to get a taste of what it’s like to have government run like a business.