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Kagro in the Morning - September 6, 2016

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David Waldman welcomes you all back from your three day weekend! (Two and a half for David after he produced Monday’s special KITM.)

Greg Dworkin salutes Phyllis Schlafly, a brilliant strategist who employed her talent to the wrong ends, but nonetheless someone we can all learn from

Greg and David talk RVs vs. LVs, how that might worry some, but not us smarties

I, personally, was like 50 feet from Hillary Clinton this weekend, but you don’t see me posting a headline about her coughing. Here’s five reasons why the media are piling on Clinton and giving Trump a pass. Does  a preference for Clinton throw journalists off their game? Dems bed-wet on minority/millennial outreach.

Donald Trump dismisses questions about his donating to Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, but somehow that doesn’t stop questions from being asked. David looks into the details.

Other than having attractive women lining up in little clothing fighting for his attention and gratitude, what does Donald Trump see in beauty pageants? Ivanka Trump: ‘No Way’ is my father sexist, because he hired me. Melania Trump also needs to explain her hiring. Donald Trump lives large on the donors’ dime

Over your nausea of last week’s Roger Ailes news? Act II of the Ailes saga may have just begun. Ailes lawyers up with the Right’s favorite lawyer.

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