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Kagro in the Morning - September 7, 2016

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David Waldman can’t help but notice that little cough you had lately.  Are you OK?  Are you sure it’s just a cough? Maybe you should have an attorney general check out your tonsils over drinks.

Luckily, Greg Dworkin is in the house, and it looks like you have insuranceonly 8.6% do not. Greg takes the nation’s temp and feels no dead heat. Well, maybe in Arizona, but that’s a dry heat.

As we roll into the final stretch, Greg talks polls, registered voters vs. the upcoming likely voter polling, what facets to ponder, and which secret sauces still need to simmer a bit.

Not just polls, but economic models are leaning Clinton. Meet the statistician whose beautiful mind is the invisible guiding hand for the Clinton campaign.

It appears that Donald Trump and Pam Bondi are more BFFs than they let on. The IRS may look into their relationship.

Dallas, Texas sees only one serious candidate running and picks their first Democrat in over 75 years.  

Here is a look at where the sick minds of conspiracy theorists and trolls intersected, at Sandy Hook.

Joan McCarter joins David in banging their heads on the wall over stupid, frustrating Congressional politics, over Republican vengeance on the Democratic gun sit-in, over Republicans poisoning Zika funding,  and doing as little as possible in order to sabotage Hillary Clinton's first 100 days. Marco Rubio continues being a hypocrite, and Paul Ryan stays worthless.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gave a major speech on National Security.

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