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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 7, 2017

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David Waldman invites us to join him at the firehose of filth. Let’s!

Greg Dworkin opens today’s tap. Donald Trump reassures us that he’s all talk and no action, nonetheless yesterday Republicans found out Donald’s very good at backstabbing. Trump’s triangulation makes the Gop’s skin crawl for once. A debate forms on who really won or lost. Democrats see this as a big win for Democrats, but Republicans see this as a big loss for Republicans. In fact, some on the right suspect Trump might not be one of them. The far right are especially aggrieved. Maybe it’s time to just quit.

The Mexicans are coming to take our tithes! Hillary haters find out they don’t like Trump either. Trump remains the president of Obama haters.

Facebook gets around to admitting they sold themselves to Russian trolls a few times… 470 of them, 3000 times. Jared and Ivanka might be appalled to hear of the investigation heading their way. Twitter might want to get their things in order also. This woman takes us on a tour of Trump’s Alamo.

Russians flock to Trump properties to anchor some babies.