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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 8, 2015

David Waldman is back! Actually, he was back yesterday too, in a special podcast with another installment on Dupont, 3M and C8, finishing up The Intercept article on the debacle. If you have been listening to earlier installments, catch this one too!

Greg Dworkin calls in to remind us that after Labor Day is when things get real in the political world, but for right now we have Donald Trump:

Thanks Trump! What exactly does an actual Donald Trump voter look like? Probably more white and frightened than average. We can only guess how Trump voters picture the opposition. But... could Donald Trump be right?

Blumenthal, Peters, Wyden back Iran pact as Iran deal reaches a major symbolic victory.

Greg and David discuss the importance of pulling together 41 votes. Armando calls in for a discussion of the political pressures and processes behind the deal. David follows with an in-depth analysis of the mechanics behind the “painless filibuster”.

Kim Davis’ sanctity of marriage to her cousin (maybe) and contempt in the "Court of God Almighty"!