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David Waldman finally returns with an all-new, LIVE, KITM! Well, not exactly “live”. There’s network latency... and that auditory signal traveling from your ears to your brain… What really matters is that our live shows have Greg Dworkin cussing like a trooper on them. If you’re lucky, you still might get to hear a little on the above link!

So, what’s more offensive, several dozen f-bombs or a nurse chuckling as she listens to a boy describing his grandmother dying of COVIDAnti-maskers and anti-vaxxers laugh and rage, while everything rules-followers built crumbles. Sometimes, when a friend or relative dies, they think of changing, but that doesn’t happen half as often as it should. (Them thinking of changing, that is.) Florida isn’t even thinking about changing. Meanwhile, death panels convene in Idaho, where they will pick and choose who deserves to live. Jimmy Kimmel simplifies matters.

The same number of rural conservatives take veterinary drugs as those that make church casseroles from hog feed… Unfortunately, that’s probably a non-zero number.

There is a 1 in 5,000 chance of a breakthrough infection for a vaccinated person. In 24 states there is a 1 in 500 chance you are already dead. There is a 100% chance Covid medical bills are getting bigger. Should we kill a few more grandmas to make Joe Manchin happy?

Covid’s butterfly effect, along with millions dead world-wide, are causing tsunami-sized ripples in supply chains everywhere.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces a plan to crack down on pre-crimes, to support banning what women do about their pre-embryos.  

Cutting unemployment benefits makes no difference in job growth, and MAGA-types receive only temporary sexual gratification.

Afghanistan was botched, the media has determined after analyzing available data. They could consider it a bit more

Robert E. Lee surrendered, again, this morning in Virginia and this time was cut up into pieces. Filibusteros Steve Bannon and Jason Miller have fled into South America.

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