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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 9, 2015

David Waldman- Ready to talk sports! Call lines are open:

How about that football in Qaqortoq?

Serena Williams may make a great James Bond, is an excellent tennis player.

TV Journalist called out for tripping.

Longtime Listener Greg Dworkin calls in to talk winners, losers:

Obama wins! Cotton and Cheney lose.

Trey Gowdy shapes the race.

Chris Christie’s toast is toastier as United CEO steps down.

Ted Cruz not prepared for elbows at the Kim Davis event.

Yet another rock band hates having their music used at a conservative event.

Same sex marriage not welcomed by some Republicans, especially as a campaign issue.

How is the KY clerk’s contempt different?

Joan McCarter tells us what congress will do with the 10 legislative days they have left:

Republicans still do not have a plan to avoid government shutdown, but have a few plans on their War on Women.

Kim Davis released, returns to work on 9/11 making that date memorable for many.