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David Waldman was out shopping for a used minivan—he can check with me, I can sell him one that is just incredibly used—but lucky for you KITM puts everyone so far ahead of the information curve that there is slack built in for such outings.

So where were we? Trump's Russia scandal takes an unexpected turn, expected by our regular listeners who remember Felix Sater is Donald’s guy in Russia, an FBI informant, and is connected to the mafia. Of course we know this isn’t Donald P. Trump’s only Russian connection, although some of his connections are turning up as dead ends of late. Trump’s allies have delivered a plan to lift Russian sanctions, by helping to topple the Ukrainian Government.

There was also another horrific attack not happening, this time not in Sweden. Donald was forced to un-fake the news that was accurately reporting it. What do you know... this seems to have a Russian connection also! This chaos and intimidation seems to have the intended result as reporters tip-toe on all reporting now, even on Trump’s weekend golfing. The administration also attempted to chaos up any remaining reality by sending out Pence to reassure half of Europe, and Bannon to reassure the other half.

Jewish community centers got bomb threats, and Jewish graves were trashed, but Ivanka tweets made it out to the fairway, so dad eventually said something. Trump’s first priority was to make his statement from a safe space. Meanwhile, Homeland Security, Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, unveil a sweeping plan to deport several million people

Milo Yiannopoulos is awful in many ways, but recently in ways that earned him less money instead of more. Now that Milo upset conservative sensibilities, he’s being noticed, but many were already aware of his presence in that complex pit of awfulness one can find out there if they look. Speaking of underage sex, Alexander Acosta cut a sweetheart plea deal with a billionaire accused of having sex with dozens of underage girls.

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