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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 1, 2018

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Welcome to October, and back from a kind of quiet weekend. At least comparatively so, considering last week. Donald Trump fell into yet another May-December romance, and he’s launching a new brand today. Things like that  shouldn’t pull the discussion away from Brett Kavanaugh and the tsunami crashing across our culture.

David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin, who rounded up punditry to explore the sources and destinations of this national drama. Brett Kavanaugh is both too big to fail, and yet doesn’t sound like, look like, or act like a Justice anyone would want. But Brett is an angry white male, which is just what angry white males happen to be looking for. No one wants a furious woman, however, although that is exactly what these times require. Voter enthusiasm is now at a record high, which is bad news for the Gop house, maybe even for the Senate.

The FBI is now maybe, sort of investigating Kavanaugh this week with free reign, give or take. Armando calls in to discuss how a lack of investigation, allowed testimony and witnesses might make a prosecutor reluctant to prosecute a case. Outside counsel Rachel Mitchell didn’t mention shameless liar Brett Kavanaugh. Why should Brett feel ashamed? Little lies, big lies, are just his opinion, and soon to be The Opinion. Of course, no discussion on dorm room debauchery is complete until a Chad weighs in, and a Chad is aghast, along with plenty of others who witnessed Kavanaugh. So why is a perjuring lout still going to be #5 against 4 after more than a dozen years of official red flags? Because he earned it.