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We had to start off with an update on an extraordinary run of child-focused #GunFAIL, this time with three shootings in three days by kids 4 years old and under. Armando called in to fill in for Greg Dworkin today, noting the threatened filibuster of any gun bill, including the universal background checks that have overwhelming public support, and what it means in terms of how dysfunctional our Congress can be. In addition, we discussed the continuing fixation on the "Grand Bargain," adding to the mix Sen. Max Baucus' undermining of the tax policy position of both Congressional Dems and the White House, and Peter Orszag's latest dispatch which seems to be calling for even greater concessions on cuts to the safety net. Meteor Blades also called in, clarifying a key point about the gun issue: there already is a national registry of automatic weapons, and nobody's come to confiscate them yet. He stayed with us for our big interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, who gave us a far-reaching, hour-long, multiple topic interview, pulling in issues of guns, economics, political activism, campaign finance reform, the runaway financial sector and the rampant income inequality it's produced.

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