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The Senate's attempt at getting to debate on a gun bill is underway as a bipartisan deal on background checks is announced. We review Harry Reid's options and discuss how procedure is likely to play out, noting the threatened filibuster. And speaking of the filibuster, we spoke with Monte Frank of Team 26 and the Newtown Action Alliance about the simultaneous "Filibuster the Filibuster" events being held in Newtown and DC to protest the Republican obstruction. We had a follow-up to that nutty proposal in North Carolina to facilitate the establishment of a state religion (just to stick a thumb in the ACLU's eye), and read a report from Indiana's legislature in which we learned that more guns are the answer because abortion. We also spent some more time on drone issues, specifically, a read through the New York Times' "A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood." And just before closing time, we snuck in a quick report on the early word on the background check compromise.

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