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While we waited for the Senate to take its cloture vote on the motion to proceed to the gun bill today, the topic was much on our minds. Of course, we're not kidding anyone by suggesting it wasn't going to be on our minds, regardless. But it provided a convenient excuse. We checked in with Greg Dworkin, who was on hand for some of the rallying of public support up in Newtown, CT. He also filled us in on the latest polling on the issue, from NBC. Other tidbits: Some Connecticut-based gun manufacturers are apparently threatening to leave the state in the wake of the passage of its new gun safety laws, though their leverage is questionable at best. A "hermit" living in the Maine woods is suspected of perpetrating over 1,000 burglaries! Compare the treatment of people openly carrying assault rifles versus those who dare try to take video of cops. Guess which one gets in trouble for carrying a "weapon." Moving on the the 4th Amendment, the ACLU asks whether the IRS is reading your emails without a warrant. Finally, we wind up the reading of the NYT article "A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood," inviting Armando to join the discussion. Seems we've hit a brick wall for the moment on just how this deal could possibly have been justified, even in the notoriously "cowboy" George W. Bush administration.

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