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Greg Dworkin returned to the air with us this week, and although law enforcement in the Boston area was kind enough to wrap up that whole terrorism thing by Friday evening, we figured we might as well revisit it on Monday. Do Republicans really want him held as an "enemy combatant?" Is the Miranda warning as big an issue as all that? Arkansas Republicans provided us with plenty of stupid this weekend, too. There was the Congressman who figured the manhunt meant everybody in Boston was wishing they had AR-15s. Whereas I'm pretty sure it meant everybody in Boston was glad there were no Arkansans around with their guns. Arkansas also brought us the county Republican chair letting us know that the 2nd Amendment is really about guaranteeing our right to conduct sucker punch political assassinations if we lose a vote. We also checked in with Gideon from overseas, talking Boston, America's seeming obsession with violence, and filibuster reform, among other things. Finally, we wound up with Maureen Dowd's much-talked-about gun bill post mortem, and the blistering critique of it by Walter Russell Mead. Yow!

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