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The kitchen appliance saga continues. But of slightly more importantance, so does the NSA story. Greg Dworkin first brings us a few non-NSA happenings, including the continued collapse of Darrell Issa's IRS narrative, the move by NYC Mayor and head of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg to cut off big donor funding for Democratic Senators who voted in opposition to the gun bill last month, and the state of play in the Senate of the immigration reform bill. But the NSA story still dominated today, and in addition to Greg's polling round-up on the subject, Armando weighed in on the broader questions of legality and constitutionality (and "hero" versus "traitor", as well) and what those things even mean in this context. Finally, a quick look at the continuing budget conference impasse. Ted Cruz says he won't allow a conference to go forward unless he receives assurances there will be no debt ceiling increase tucked into the budget resolution conference report. But is that even a thing that can happen? Well, yes and no. So is Ted Cruz off his rocker? Well, yes and no. But really, yes.

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