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The morning's buzz was about CVS giving up selling cigarettes, and international grousing about Sochi accommodations, emphasis on the commodes. In more serious news: Greg Dworkin laments how "serious news" seriously misunderstands the CBO report on Obamacare. Joan McCarter joins us with more on that, including the worst of the worst from the traditional media. Also discussed: the new farm bill, the USPS as a bank, bogus Gop claims of an "insurance bailout," Republican disarray over the debt ceiling, and the Rob Andrews resignation. Plus, Joan outlines a big politics and process story: how partisan polarization has reversed and overcome the previous historical trend toward more openness and transparency in the legislative process. Lastly, Mark Ames on the passing of former Rep. Otis Pike, the first in Congress to take on the NSA and the intelligence community.

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