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Kagro in the Morning - February 17, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up some wacky news, including the death of a snake handling preacher (by snake bite, of course), and how Donald Trump, unable to fire a reporter he doesn't like, has fired his press aide who set up the interview. Bill Nye "debates" climate change with Marsha Blackburn on MTP. Nick Kristof complains about jargon, but I couldn't understand it. A little discussion of the Michael Dunn trial down in Florida, the vagaries of fire-at-will laws, and the latest GunFAIL stories leads to a wider look at the curious place guns and the gun debate occupy in our politics (and pseudo-politics). Which is not unlike the curious place wealth occupies in the same space. Feudal societies had similar problems. And that's no coincidence.

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