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Kagro in the Morning - June 9, 2014

We're back from the weekend break, but had to reset the random/mass shooting clock thanks to events in Seattle and Las Vegas. And a Democratic Virgina state senator resigned, handing partisan control of the senate to Republicans, who can now block ACA-funded Medicaid expansion in the state. Greg Dworkin discussed these stories plus a wide-ranging roundup of Bergdahl stories, including Frank Rich's piece that folds in reference the late Michael Hastings' 2012 profile. The shootings bring us to other gun stories: the dangers of gun-mounted flashlights, Google Glass precision-guided firearms, and (no one could have predicted) Alabama voters bringing guns to the polls. Please let this Craigslist ad be a joke. Taxpayer-subsidized bonuses for WalMart execs. For-profit ed company monetizes your volunteerism & skims from public libraries.

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