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Kagro in the Morning - September 4, 2014

Greg Dworkin notes the odd disparity in when the traditional media finds electoral questions "too close to call," and when it does not. WaPo explains its entirely routine (though somewhat silly) shift in Senate modeling. Big changes in KS-SEN. Mike Rogers offers Obama a free hand on ISIS, even as louder-mouthed hawks condemn things before he even contemplates them. And Greg notes Lieberman's conspicuous absence from the hawkish triumvirate. New on the Bridgegate front: top NJ brass silenced cops on the lane closures. Glenn Beck is: 1) still alive, and; 2) resigned to a Hillary presidency. Armando calls in with breaking news on the Halbig case. Listener Rosalyn MacGregor clues us in on MI-GOV. And Gideon has some Congressional procedure questions arising from the latest ad against Mitch McConnell.

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