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Kagro in the Morning - September 5, 2014

Today's Twitter chatter included the story of a Pennsylvania perv busted by the woman he was assaulting, who just happened to be a federal marshal. Greg Dworkin's roundup gave us food for thought on the McDonnell conviction, yet another unforced conservative gaffe on slavery, and James Risen's take on ISIS (plus Risen as an issue unto himself). Texas school districts aren't missing out on the militarization bonanza. Scientists break the science fiction barrier, with brain-to-brain interfacing. If Dan Snyder gets public money for a new stadium, "it's time to shut down pro sports." Does that ever pay off for the public? Probably not. Gideon flags the "Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act" for our attention. And for anyone who ever asked why I track GunFAIL, the answer is: Idaho State.

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