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Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2014

Today's morning Twitter chatter: TMZ comes up with video of the assault by NFL player Ray Rice on his fiancée, for which he received just a 2-game suspension from the league. Greg Dworkin tells us the White House has got an ISIS strategy for us, and is employing strategery on the immigration front as well. Nate Cohn's "Why Democrats Can't Win the House." Nick Kristof wrote about Ferguson & then read the comments. Coal waste landfill workers told it's "safe enough to eat." Meanwhile, we're banning solar panels and reversing even small fracking protections? One WI town has to fight fracking even as it's revealed the fracking company's CEO is in jail on charges of child sexual assault. All these stories are about conscious decisions to stack the deck. And so's this one about the dizzying array of fines and penalties designed to soak the poor of St. Louis County, MO.

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