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Kagro in the Morning - November 5, 2014

Internet connectivity kept us off the live stream today, and the spotty backup mic made modulation control a challenge as well. But hey, substance rules here! (And no, the whole show is not as loud as the start.) Greg Dworkin helped us round up the results and commentary: the age of the electorate, the role of the economy (stupid), the internal battle of establishment versus radicals, and the sweeping, big-picture looks at why it all happened the way it did. Maybe. The big question: Did the Republican establishment keep Tea Party-type radicals in line? Or did Tea Party-type radicals simply hold their tongues long enough to pass for the establishment? Also: what about the filibuster? And what does the recent trend in conservative libertarianism mean for DC's marijuana laws, and civil liberties in the national security arena?

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