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Kagro in the Morning - December 9, 2014

Greg Dworkin jammed as many of the top stories of the day into his roundup as he could: the CIA torture report; the Surgeon General nomination (even supported by an ex-NRA lobbyist); another attempt at a "left" Tea Party?; this year's flu vaccine; NJ legislature's Chris Christie investigation ends; polling on Brown, Garner cases & police cams and what to do about it; WTF with watermelons? Campus reaction to the UVA developments. Pelosi scores one on Schumer. Emptywheel focuses on the key issue in the torture report: it's for exploitation, not intel. Armando has an eye out for the CIA/Gop rebuttal, and raises questions about the next ACA repeal moves, plus the very weird "order" issued by a TX-based federal judge. A counter-intuitive call for torture pardons... from the ACLU!

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