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Kagro in the Morning - March 11, 2015

Stunningly, the Hillary Clinton email story continues to fascinate the media. Republicans try out the old "it was just a joke" line about Tom Cotton's letter. OU Pres. David Boren expels two SAE students, but listener @sponson is is not impressed. One of the students, meanwhile, has issued an interesting statement. When Joan McCarter joined in, talk turned to just how crazy Tom Cotton really is, plus Aaron Schock's latest problems, the tax cheating Ferguson judge's resignation, and the 1984 Congressional letter to Daniel Ortega blasted by Newt Gingrich. Joan rounded up the top stories on the Senate's stalled human trafficking bill, ACA signups & the King threat, and the Daily Kos endorsement of Donna Edwards. Finally, Laura Clawson's critique of eGhazi-mania, and Buckeye BattleCry's astonishing update on AR state rep. Justin Harris' botched adoption.

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