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Kagro in the Morning - April 2, 2015

In Indiana fallout news, seems the author of the state's RFRA law has a restaurant supply business, and his customers are taking action. In gun news: TN, which recently considered both guns-on-campus & guns-in-parks legislation, sees a student accidentally shoot & kill himself in a park. And following a 7-peson Spring Break shooting, Panama City, FL bans... alcohol on the beach. In procedural wonkery news, President Obama opts for a "protective return pocket veto" on the bill rejecting new NLRB rules. What does it mean? Why do experts say it's dubious? And does Noel Canning change that thinking? Plus, a special surprise thing you didn't know about the "Contract With America!" Meteor Blades visits for an update on Iran negotiations and a preview of upcoming jobs numbers. Finally, Henry Farrell's "Dark Leviathan," but without the exciting conclusion wherein we learn that libertarianism is a joke, and our pet theory about Vito Corleone being more Galt than John himself is borne out.

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