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Kagro in the Morning - April 10, 2015

First, congratulations to jlms qkw for being recognized by her local Dems for outstanding volunteer work! Then, an entry in the spate of articles probing our historical understanding of the surrender at Appamattox, this one by Jamelle Bouie. Why do we go so far out of our way not to rile, or even to outright laud, some who fought for the Confederacy? And why do so many of their descendants (both biological and ideological) nonetheless insist they're America's most persecuted minority? Will that perception change any time soon? Or will it be cemented for as long as perceptions arising out of history's first draft of one of England's bloodiest civil wars (even though they don't call it one)? In between, Armando promotes the launch of a series of "left flank" critiques of Hillary Clinton's policy positions, kicking off this Sunday. A damn sight better than critiquing her wardrobe!

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